Paypal – Best Example for network externalities

Network externalities is an expression for the phenomena that a product is getting more attractive the more customers are using it. Imagine there’s a credit card provider and you can only pay at 30 stores worldwide. The card can be for free or you can even get a 10% discount when you make your payment, I bet you would not even bother to carry it with you or fill a sign up form to get such a card. And now

Recent developments in trading business

When we talk about finance and education in finance then we have to consider one very important fact: Things change and they change dramatically. When you compare the finance industry in 2001 and 2013 you will see that there were lots of changes. Almost everything we knew about markets became irrelevant or at least less relevant. When we take a look at concepts like Markowitz portfolio theory: the economic crisis in 2007 – 2009 has proven it wrong. The theory

Education and games

Games are maybe the most under rated way of education and it’s about time to change this. According to Wikipedia: “Games fulfill a number of educational purposes. Some games may be explicitly designed with educational purposes, while others may have incidental or secondary educational value. All types of games may be used in an educational environment. Educational games are games that are designed to teach people about certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, understand an historical event or culture, or

The Advantages of Promoting Leadership through Student Council

Students are given abundant opportunities to groom themselves and learn about the world during their academic life. The student council is one such opportunity given to students to learn the skills of leadership during high school and college. Leadership skills help students in several ways and are essential for them to deal with their peers during their academic years and in their practical life as well. A few key advantages of promoting leadership through a student council for students are:

American Education: Improving the Science Learning Skills of Our Children

Children are curious beings and like to eagerly experiment and explore new things. This makes them keen observers and active learners. Their eagerness to learn and discover helps them acquire complex skills very quickly. Kids should be taught basic science concepts from a very young age. Preschoolers usually aged 2-5 are exposed to interesting scientific concepts. Their intrinsic motivation is a key driver that helps them know, reason and understand the things around them. To enhance their science learning, teachers